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Step into a world of excitement and tradition! Join hands with us to create vibrant fairs and festivals filled with captivating attractions, delectable treats, and joyous celebrations that bring communities together.

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Talent Buying

Discover the perfect performers for your event by leveraging our vast network which spans genres and styles, allowing us to handpick artists that align precisely with your event’s theme and audience preferences. From emerging talents to established icons, we ensure a lineup that captivates and entertains, delivering an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Advertising & Promotion

We are experts in generating buzz and excitement around your event. Our advertising and promoting services encompass a strategic blend of social media campaigns, targeted online ads, and traditional marketing approaches. We tailor each strategy to your event’s unique identity, maximizing visibility, ticket sales, and attendee engagement, all while building a community of eager fans eagerly anticipating the big day.


Experience flawless event execution through our meticulous attention to detail. We handle the advance process and day of event timeline to ensure everyone from performers to attendees are on schedule and enjoy the event. We have also built strong partnerships with production companies that execute everything from stage design and lighting to audio engineering and technical coordination to create an immersive atmosphere.

Typical Talent List

  • National Touring Acts (all genres)
  • DJs
  • Cover / Party Bands
  • Acoustic Acts

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Contracting / Event Management

Our team will streamline your event’s contractual processes and project management to allow you to focus on your strategic initiatives.We excel at negotiating agreements, overseeing legalities, and ensuring smooth interactions between artists, vendors, and stakeholders. From initial negotiations to on-site coordination, trust us to expertly manage these details.


Our consulting services offer unparalleled insights and industry wisdom to guide your event vision from conception to realization. Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or new to the scene, our consultants collaborate with you  and use advanced data analytics to refine your concepts, optimize logistics, and implement innovative ideas that elevate your event into a truly unique and exceptional experience.

Sponsorship and Brand Integration

We assist in securing sponsorships and managing brand integration opportunities, helping clients maximize their event’s revenue potential while maintaining a cohesive and authentic event atmosphere.

Home Venues

Joe’s Concerts, based out of the Midwest, is affiliated with numerous venues and festivals in the area through years of partnership booking and producing great events. This provides our clients access to a wide range of some of the most iconic venues in the industry. However, our services are not limited to these locations, as we can create exceptional music events anywhere across the country to suit your specific preferences and requirements.

Featured Past Event

windy city smokeout placeholder

Country Boom 2022

Country Boom’s annual festival in Lacrosse, WI took place 7/7/22-7/9/22
Services Provided:

  • Talent Booking
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Production
Lead Singer singing infront of mic

“Working with Joe’s Concerts is just different, plain and simple.  You have a true partner that has the industry expertise and skillset to find the best talent, at the best value, in current entertainment.  More importantly, is the personal relationships established and sharing of ideas to improve our event’s entire experience, beyond the world class talent on the stage.”
Jon Holthaus – Country Boom

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